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Blonde girl in a pink world

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RULES - Please do not remove the credits. If you don

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I came across the before and after jogger series by the Hungarian-French photographer Sacha Goldberger a couple years ago. It struck a new chord due to the current lack of running in my life, which I could blame on the winter or upcoming deadlines or just laziness. It

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Michael Fassbender for Obsession ( march 2012 )

My vagina just tried to take a running leap at my laptop monitor. Ow.

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rights to DOPE WAX records

Production and Arrangement By NiceRec
Additional Production By Buscrates 16-Bit Ensemble
Remix Produced by Kenny Dope at Kay-Dee Studios,NJ

Miles and Bobby Blunt connected with the Goulash beat and Miles Had to record to it right away. So much so that the vocal was recorded in a hotel room on a generic laptop built-in mic. With that 1 take, freestyle, the song was birthed, followed by the Bobby Blunt verse, and then a masterful Kenny Dope remix. Modern soul in it’s many styles, brought together into 2 simple tracks that speak volumes about the ear and talent of all involved. A Gift to the world.

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Deep Water Soloing (psicobloc)Deep Water Soloing (psicobloc)Deep Water Soloing (psicobloc)Deep Water Soloing (psicobloc)

Deep Water Soloing (psicobloc) world wide, ein Album auf Flickr.

Deep Water Soloing (psicobloc) slide show
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Candy over flake.

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Balance and Composure and Pianos Become The Teeth have confirmed a string of UK dates in August. The two band’s will co-headline, trading off the main slot each night.

Both acts are also set to perform at the Hevy Fest on August 4th in Kent.

Pianos Become The Teeth and Balance and…

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Adventure Time!

via pixelbank.

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